Arts Department Introduces New Film Acting Class

Tanvi Dange '17, Features Section Editor

It is no surprise that Peddie is a wonderful place to explore a passion for arts, especially theater. With multiple classes such as Acting or Comedy Improv, and plays or musicals three times a year, there are plenty of opportunities for Peddie students to explore the theatric world.

But this year, Peddie decided to add a new acting class, one that focuses on things not necessary for those involved in plays.

The new class, Acting for Film and Television, is taught by Sherman, and it is the first class Peddie offers in the arts department that caters more to the needs of students whose dream is to act on the screen rather than the stage. This class also works with Harrison’s Film and Video class to create their own projects.

Students taking the class currently have expressed overall positive feedback as well as acknowledgement of the differences between acting for film and television and other theater experiences at Peddie.

“I’ve learned that acting for camera is much different than acting on stage. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is appearance,” JT Piesco ’17 said. “On stage, how you look is nowhere near as important as in film. The fact that a camera is capturing you in the moment means that how you look then is how you will be seen by anyone watching. But on stage, many things can be missed by people such as the way a person wears their hat in each scene. I don’t think I would’ve discovered if we didn’t work with Mr. Harrison’s film class.”

Gabby Chinea’17 also expressed how working with the camera helps her notice differences between the screen and the stage.

“I’ve noticed from looking at work on screen that in film, less is more. Overacting is very noticeable in film, whereas it is not as easy to see in a play,” Chinea remarked.