Tattoos Become A Form Of Personal Expression For Some Students


Tanvi Dange '17

Katie Thomsson ‘18, Staff Wrtier

Tattoos: Permanent markings inked onto one’s skin using punctures from a needle.

For students at Peddie, tattoos are often more than just an inerasable drawing on their skin. Tattoos have deeper meaning and each one tells a story. Some students choose to hide their tattoos and keep their stories private, whereas others are willing to open up about their permanent inking.

While some students have much larger, more elaborate designs, it is more common for Peddie students to have one or two small and simple tattoos that can be easily concealed.

Chrissy Trovato ’17 offered the reasons for why she has two small tattoos, a lightning bolt and a specific date. Both her tattoos are small and well-hidden so that only she is reminded of their importance. Trovato had been contemplating her decision to put ink permanently on her body but ultimately decided to follow through with her plan on impulse. The date located on her chest marks an eventful day that was important to her, and it coincidently happens to be the same date Trovato got the tattoo. Her other tattoo is more symbolic than the first and is located on her ankle.

“My lightning bolt symbolizes strength.” Trovato said. “Lightning bolts are also used a lot by the gods in Greek mythology and I like that it reminds me of their power.”

Similar to Trovato, Sean Dailey ’17 has a simple tattoo of a cross on his ankle.

“Well I was bored one day. I had thought about getting a tattoo, and it seemed like a good idea at the time,” Dailey said.

Daily said the tattoo does not mean anything in particular, but he  liked the idea of having at least one tattoo.

A third student anonymously shared the story behind her tattoo, a quote written in Hebrew on her foot. The student put lots of thought and consideration into choosing a tattoo that would remind her “of a positive message daily.” The quote translates to a few words about poise and self-strength.

“I got it to remind me that everything can be falling to pieces all around me” the student explained, “but that does not mean that I should ever stop being strong, calm, and collected. Seeing my tattoo is a daily reminder to keep my head held up high.”

The student backed up Trovato and Dailey by claiming that tattoos are “a way for teenagers to express themselves” and also that tattoos are fun in their own way.

Other students with small tattoos agreed that their tattoos are also symbols of something important to them. Those students with larger, more elaborate tattoos mentioned that each permanent stamp of ink either reminds them of an important memory or even of their family.

Tattoos are a somewhat rare sight on the Peddie campus, but the students with tattoos agreed that tattoos are a type of art and a way of personal expression.