Opinion: The Lesser of Two Evils

Vivian Sun'18, Opinions Section Editor

As the upcoming presidential election on November 8 draws closer, I’m reminded yet again of the difficult decision of-age Americans must make: Republican candidate Donald Trump or Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton? Who will have lasting consequences for the next four years? This race has been at the forefront of many Americans’ minds, and has split the American people, with some preferring Hillary and others Trump, while also bringing some into the gray area in between the two parties. I find myself in the latter portion thereof, being unsure of the future of this country.

Let me say this clearly: I am not a fan of Donald Trump. While he is free to state his opinions under the First Amendment, I do not appreciate his derogatory comments towards and his objectification of women, and I believe that building a wall – and making Mexico pay for it – would not solve the issue of drug smuggling. Saying that he will run America like a business concerns me, especially when I look at his track record: Trump University and various Trump casinos have gone bankrupt, and his potential avoidance of taxes is troubling, at the very least. He provides little explanation for how he will bring about the changes he promises, and his lack of experience in politics worries me. He does not believe in global warming, and the fact that he goes so far as to call it a hoax created “by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing less competitive” only cinches the deal. I will concede that he says his mind, but politicians are known for circumlocution and for avoiding answering questions directly. If he becomes president, he would represent not only himself or the Republican Party, but all of America. I do not want a president who does not think before speaking.

Clinton, on the other hand, is not without her own flaws. Her recent email scandal, in which she used a private server and email address as opposed to using the government-issued one, raises the issue of lying and of risking confidential information for the sake of “convenience” (not wanting to carry around two smartphones). While I am concerned about state secrets being leaked, not much can be done about it now. The emails have already been deleted and wiped from her server, and she has apologized and claimed responsibility for her actions. However, Clinton’s impressive career speaks volumes for itself: she has been a lawyer and activist, senator of New York, first lady of Arkansas and of the United States and Secretary of State. Experience is not what she lacks, and I would rather have someone who knows how to conduct themselves in politics – especially when handling potentially temperamental foreign powers where the stakes are sky-high – as opposed to a greenhorn like Trump. The fact that her political views align rather closely with mine draws me closer towards the blue side of the political spectrum.

I feel that in this presidential campaign, Americans have to choose the lesser of two evils. I am not a fan of Trump, given his controversial statements, but Clinton’s many scandals, one of which being Benghazi, do not bring her into a welcoming light, either. Despite this, given Trump’s inexperience and his lack of forethought, coupled with Clinton’s experience and her already proven ability to lead, I would prefer to have her take office. American politics have its own issues now and the current situation is not ideal, but in the end, I hope that the popular vote – and, by extension, the Electoral College – chooses Clinton to run this country.