Peddie Claims The Brown Cup After Eight Years

Nick Berlet ’18, Staff writer

The Peddie School Crew team defeated Lawrenceville to retrieve the Brown Cup for the first time since 2009 this past Wednesday on a windy 65 degree spring day. While both novice teams didn’t seem to have too much success, both the boys and girls 2V and 1V boats defeated Lawrenceville. This marked the first time in 12 years that the boys 1V boat defeated the Big Red. Overall, after tallying the points for every race won, the total score was 48-44 in Peddie’s favor, leaving the team ecstatic.

Both the boy’s and girl’s coaches, Joe Murtaugh and Barbara Grudt, respectively, were beyond happy for their teams.

“This year’s win was special because both the varsity and second varsity boys and girls crews beat Lawrenceville. I don’t remember a time when that’s ever happened.  In fact, I don’t remember the boys ever winning the varsity event (in the past 11 years anyway), and the margin was only about two feet…I don’t think people realized what a big deal this is, because it has been so long since we last held it!” Grudt said.

Coach Murtaugh also congratulated his team.

“We’ve worked together to win a Brown Cup for the first time in eight years; I’m proud of everyone’s performance, and know we’ll have to work harder to secure similar results as we head deeper into our season,” Murtaugh said.

As expected, the athletes themselves were also ecstatic about their feat.

“It was really great to beat a team that has beaten us so many times, and has ruled New Jersey prep school rowing. We showed resilience and persistence in this win,” 1V boat rower Paul Cornelius ’18 stated.

“The win was really a confidence booster for our squad, considering we beat Lawrenceville. They had an aura around them that made it seem as if they somewhat ruled the boat house, but I think this win made this rivalry a lot more competitive,” 2V boat coxswain Isabel Guerrero said.

Beating Lawrenceville gave Peddie Crew a great outlook on the rest of their season.  There are several more regattas this spring, and the teams are hoping for success.