New Additions to Peddie Faculty 2018

Morike Ayodeji '20 and Kathy Hui '19

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With the addition of new falcons and faculty into the Peddie community, the commencement of the 2018-19 school year denotes a fresh start for everyone. This year, Peddie welcomes six new faculty members: Everett Nelor (College Counseling), Karyn Vella (Alumni and Development), Dr. Kari Hart ’02 (Mathematics), Mark Cirnigliaro (Arts), Katy Lambson (Chemistry), and Patrick Loughlin (Language).

Everett Nelor is the newest member of the College Counseling Office, a dorm parent in Austen-Colgate Hall, and a coach Track & Field in the spring. He previously worked in the Office of Admissions at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA and recruited high school students from all over the country. Nelor is an alumnus of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. Nelors says he chose Peddie because of his former experiences in boarding school and his desire to spend more individual time with students.

Admission at [Oxy] was lovely, but I wanted to move more towards work that allowed me to spend more time with students one-on-one, rather than the brief interactions I had as an Admission Counselor,” Nelor said.

As the new Assistant Head for Alumni & Development in Coates-Coleman, Karyn Vella hopes to teach an English elective in the future and is occasionally on duty in the Coleman Dorm. Vella began her career working at Oldfields School, an all-girls boarding school north of Baltimore, MD. While Vella attended public school for most of her life, she attended and graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy and Dartmouth College.

This new position is not Vella’s first experience with Peddie. She called one of Peddie’s former heads of school, Anne Seltzer, a close friend and mentor. Vella said if it were not for Seltzer, she would not have seen that Peddie was looking for someone in her field. Moreover, a former student-athlete, Vella had hoped to swim at Peddie in high school. However, shoulder surgeries in 9th grade derailed her dream of swimming here. She reflected on how, as a parent and educator, she knew that the transformational experience that Peddie provides is not found everywhere. She was thrilled to be considered for the job and even happier knowing that her daughter, Emma “Middy” Vella ’21, loved her revisit day so much that she also hoped that they would be able to join the Peddie community.

Kari Hart is a new member of the Mathematics Department, Institutional Researcher, and faculty on duty in Masters North. After earning her doctorate in Biostatistics at Emory University, she worked at Ursinus College and The Hotchkiss School. When deciding to come to Peddie, many factors were at play. A Peddie alumna, Hart grew up in the nearby Millstone Township, NJ, and “returning to Peddie [felt] like coming home.” Additionally, Hart wanted to merge her background in statistics with her passion for education as an institutional researcher. Hart felt that the “the pedagogical approach of the faculty in the math department aligns naturally with [her] own teaching philosophy.” She looks forward to reconnecting to the Peddie community and culture through campus events such as school plays, sports games, and getting to know the students. Although much has physically changed at Peddie, Hart feels the core values remain the same. She cites one example she witnessed, two football players cleaning up around the dining hall after dinner one evening. “Peddie is a community built on respect and good citizenship.”

Mark Cirnigliaro is a new addition to the Arts Department from Hoboken. He teaches theatre classes, directs the fall play, and runs the freshman musical. He previously worked as a professional director at a theatre in Hoboken, NJ. One of his life’s mottos is to not say no to anything and to see how things go. As a stranger to Peddie, he came on the advice of a colleague and felt “this might be an interesting challenge and adventure.” He looks forward to the young, eager students the most. “It’s just a wonderful thing to be around people who want to learn,” Cirnigliaro said. So far, Cirnigliaro considers Peddie a special, rare, supportive community. “The Peddie community is in it for each other,” he said.

Katy Lambson is the newest Chemistry teacher to be added to the Science Department. She is originally from Minnesota and currently resides in Austen-Colgate with her family. Prior to Peddie, she obtained her Ph.D. at West Virginia University and taught at Wesleyan College. She is also a J.V. tennis coach. Lambson heard about boarding school job opportunities at an American Chemical Conference in DC. She knew she wanted to pursue teaching upon the completion of her research work. She found a job at Peddie and considered it a fit. Lambson is “really looking forward to the small class sizes to be able to get to know [her] students well – like a close-knit department that works cohesively together”.  So far, Lambson sees Peddie as a unique and amazing environment – both to work in and for the students.


Patrick Loughlin is the latest member of the Language department and is a French teacher as well as a football coach. Prior to Peddie, he worked at Culver Academies located in Indiana. Now he resides in the Trask Dormitory here on campus. He attended Denison University for his undergraduate degree and Middlebury College for his graduate degree. He chose work at Peddie for several reasons. “Peddie is a fantastic school with a great mix of academics and athletics. It is also near where I grew up and is close to my father’s home in New York City.” he states. At Peddie, he now looks forward to becoming part of the community.

A common thread between the new faculty members is their perception of Peddie as a supportive and welcoming community. Peddie is thankful to be held in such high regard by these faculty members and their decision of choosing Peddie. We can’t wait to see the meaningful contributions that these members are going to bring to the Peddie community.

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