Battle of the PFS: Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Cheddar Wraps

Sofia Cervantes ’26

Most faculty and students consistently love the chicken nuggets and chicken cheddar wraps prepared by Peddie Food Service. But between the two, which one reigns supreme? 

When I first came to Peddie, everyone was talking about chicken cheddar wraps and how they were PFS’ specialty, but I think that PFS makes many more foods that could easily top chicken cheddar wraps. At the same time, I believe that the wraps are better than the nuggets because they are more filling, and with honey mustard sauce, they taste even better. But this is only my opinion, so I conducted a survey to see which meal is favored by the student population. More students expressed a liking toward the chicken cheddar wraps, “I would rather the wraps because the cheese and the tortilla add more flavor to it,” said Erin Tam ’26. Some people preferred the chicken nuggets because it made them feel like they were in first grade again and brought back nostalgic moments. 

Many people expressed that deciding between the two dishes was hard because they enjoyed them both equally. Although choosing between two of the most popular meals served at Peddie was a tricky question for many students, the ultimate favorite was the chicken cheddar wraps, which lived up to their reputation about how they were one of the best foods served in the dining hall.