Opinion: Senior Prank needs to be Less Offensive

By: Cassie Follman’16
Staff Writer

Usually, the senior prank is enjoyable for the entire community. As I did not experience one last year, I was particularly looking forward to this year’s senior prank. The seniors’ moving of the backpacks during Community Meeting may have been well intended, but some glaring problems were obvious within this plan. Numerous items were damaged when the seniors moved the bags, and some students were unable to locate their bags or other personal items for some time. Although some students thought the prank was hilarious and very well executed, others did not share this opinion.

First off, I think that pranks should be done with every intention to not offend anyone or break any belongings. It is supposed to be a celebration of the seniors’ last days at Peddie. While I believe that the tradition of the senior prank is an important aspect of Peddie, more care should be put into executing and planning out pranks in the future.

Though I did not personally have my bag moved, I am not sure that I would be comfortable with someone moving my personal items without my permission. Of course, the prank was meant to be entertaining, but it also could be argued that it was a violation of privacy.

The prank also created a variety of issues for the students who had their bags moved. It took time for the students to locate their belongings and some students could not get to class on time in the confusion. I know people who experienced this situation and were upset about it. A few bags were moved other places besides Kerr field and this caused the students to be late or unprepared for class. In some cases individual belongings such as phones were moved and it created a large inconvenience for the students to retrieve their lost belongings.

The seniors did not intentionally damage anyone’s belongings, but as they were moving quickly the amount of care put into moving the bags is questionable. Some people did not have their laptops in cases or other breakable items properly protected since these students did not have any knowledge that their bags would be moved and items put into potential danger.

It is important that the spirit of Peddie still thrives through the senior prank and not be inhibited because of this incident. However, in order to prevent inconvenience in the future, it should be a requirement that seniors consider the possible outcomes of their prank.