New freshman study hall stirs debate

By: Cailin Brown ’17
Staff Writer

Study hall is a time for boarding students to complete their homework, and it used to be in the comfort of their own rooms. However, this year the policy has changed, at least for the freshman class. Now, every night except Tuesday, the freshmen are assigned to classrooms in Annenberg Hall and supervised by prefects and faculty to complete their academic assignments.

The administrators had many reasons for why they decided to make the change.

“We started this new study hall to give new students a little bit more structure and supervision so they can handle the transition to Peddie’s academics,” said Martin Mooney, dean of students and residential life. “By springtime we hope that they can transition to having study hall in the dorms, but in the fall and winter we wish to have it more structured.”

Views differ on this rule for the new Peddie students, who have no experience with the previous study hall rules.

“I like study hall, I don’t know what it’s like to have freedom in study hall,” said Mandy Xue ’18.

Others would like greater flexibility or a change of scenery.

“It’s troublesome, but it’s effective and you get your work down. It would still be nice to have the privilege of choosing a study room,” said Colin King ’18.

“It’s annoying, since I can concentrate better in my own room,” said Kristy Chen ’18. “They should give us the chance to prove ourselves before they assume we’re irresponsible.”

Upperclassmen who knew the old study hall policy well have their own opinions as well.

“I wouldn’t want to do it myself, but I think overall it’s a good thing that [the freshmen] are doing it,” Josie Anker ’15 said.