Winter Term Marks the Return of Wonderful Wednesdays

By Cindy Park
Staff Writer

On Dec. 11, Peddie students enjoyed an extra hour of sleep because it was a designated Wonderful Wednesday.

On Wonderful Wednesdays, Community Meeting, which is normally scheduled from 10 to 11 a.m., is canceled and the school starts an hour later.

“Another morning I can sleep for an extra hour?” Anthony Chau ’14 said. “I’m fine with that!”

Wonderful Wednesdays started when Peddie decided to experiment by starting Wednesdays an hour later. This way, students were allowed more sleep. Thus, Wonderful Wednesdays have continued as a new tradition.

“We can [have Wonderful Wednesdays] in the Winter Term because we do not have Community Meeting every week,” said Associate Head of School Catherine Rodrigue. “We cannot do this in the Fall Term because Community Meeting runs every week. During spring term the sun rises earlier and we haven’t felt it’s as helpful or necessary.”

“I like that I get to sleep in late and then have only two classes because I have two off-periods on Wednesdays,” Rachel Macnow ’17 said.

“Because Winter Term tends to be dark, cold and long, we thought we could make a little change that might lift spirits and provide additional time for sleep,” Rodrigue said.

“One thing I don’t like about Wonderful Wednesdays is that it is only on certain Wednesdays, not on all Wednesdays,” Macnow said.

“I don’t like how we have three consecutive classes because community meeting is canceled,” Tanvi Dange ’17 said.