Lighting Up the Night: Diwali Celebration 2022


Peddie Flickr

Students light sparklers as per Diwali tradition.

Leena Mirchandani '25, Staff Writer

On Sunday, October 23, the Desi Culture Club hosted its annual Diwali celebration at Peddie.

Diwali is the festival of lights. For those who celebrate, Diwali symbolizes good prevailing over evil. People often celebrate Diwali by spending time with loved ones, performing a pooja (a religious rite), giving gifts, and lighting diyas (lamps). In traditional belief, lighting diyas is a way to invite the goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth and prosperity) into one’s home for new beginnings. 

The Peddie Diwali Celebration gave Peddie students the opportunity to celebrate Diwali as well as to learn more about Desi culture. Desi Culture Club Leader Aanya Tolat ’25 said, “I really loved everyone’s energy and eagerness to celebrate!” Over 100 Peddie students, faculty, and families came out this Sunday to celebrate Diwali. 

The Desi Culture Club decorated the science center with flower garlands, lights and many traditional Indian decorations. Peddie’s parents also helped to bring South Asian cuisine to Peddie, including samosas, chole, roti, mutter paneer and desserts such as jalebi and gulab jamun. Many students especially loved the homemade mango lassi, a delicious, creamy mango drink. 

Teacher and Desi Culture Club Advisor Dr. Shah said, “Celebrating Diwali at Peddie is important because it highlights the experiences of Desi students and allows them to celebrate their traditions with their families and peers.” 

Students brought this party to life on the dance floor. They danced to Bollywood hits like “Desi Girl,’, “Deewangi Deewangi,” and “Badtameez Dil.” Dr. Peretz, AP Biology Teacher and Director of STEM EXP Signature Experience, said her favorite part “was the dancing, although the delicious dinner was a close second! It was lovely to see the science center so festive and full of smiles and laughter.”

Students ended the night with the tradition of lighting fireworks. Carolina Lopez-Watt ’25 said, “I learned a lot about Diwali traditions, such as lighting fireworks.” From handheld sparklers to fireworks, glimmers of the Diwali celebration could be seen all over campus.