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Co-President Statement : Matilda Kardhashi


Candidate Statement 

Hey Everyone,

My name is Matilda Kardhashi and first off, thank you for taking the time to read my candidate statement. The last three years at Peddie have been crazy, and honestly not what I expected at all. As someone who doesn’t look too far in the future (because otherwise I get stressed) I had no idea what to expect coming into Peddie. I can say it has been a crazy three years, which I have to credit to my peers and teachers for helping teach me along the way. Regarding Co-President elections, I have been lucky enough that my class has trusted me enough to elect and re-elect me as class representative every year since freshman year. Because of this I have been able to observe, learn, and help out the community. It is always difficult for me to quantify the work I have done as a member of student council, but what I do know is that I have tried my best to listen and get input from others, as I feel that this is the best way to be a leader in a small community like Peddie. If I was elected Co-President I would look forward to many things, first I would love to have the opportunity to work with Faculty-Student Senate, as I have not for the last three years. I would also love to be someone that the younger students look to for advice or to give input on ideas. While it is hard for me to explain who I am and how I would be as the Co-President, I hope through my statement, speech, and conversations with me around campus, you all can get an idea for who I am as a person. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope after learning more about me you will consider voting me for your 2024-2025 Co-President.

Matilda Kardhashi

Governing student council and the school will take a good portion of your time, what other activities both in and out of school do you plan on participating in? How will you balance them?

First, even as a day student I live in Hightstown and since I do nothing outside of school I am always on campus, or within 2 minute walk. Currently as a junior I am a three season varsity
athlete doing cross-country, indoor track, and outdoor track. I find that since all Peddie students are required to participate in some after school activity this time spent at practice is
built into my daily schedule. Over the past three years my time management has become consistent, I have been able to balance classes, sports, student council, and fun. I have a
variety of ways that I am able to achieve this balance, but one for example is me staying for dinner some nights of the weeks. Staying at dinner on campus allows me to fuel my body after a tiring practice, but also allows me to see my friends that I may not see consistently everyday. This is just one example, but I would say I have gotten pretty good at balancing everything, but of course there is always room for improvement.

What qualities do you possess that makes you a good role model and representative that will allow you to be a leader of the entire school?

The one thing my dad always told me was to keep being as hardworking as I was when I was little. Whether it was helping my dad in the garden or around the house, I tried to help with
small things in any way I could, even if I wasn’t asked to. This quality is something I try to embody everyday because of my appreciation and admiration of others who I interact with
that are exceptionally hardworking. Despite talking a lot, I also am a good listener, and even if an idea is out there or seemingly unattainable, I try to listen and see what I can do. These are just two qualities I try to embody that allow me to be a better leader in and outside of Peddie.

What ideas do you have for change and how would you implement these ideas? What would you like to continue?

Starting off with the easier of the two, there are many Peddie traditions I would like to continue, but I will speak about ones that I have had a role in creating. Starting my freshman year two events we as the class representatives decided to create were Peddie’s Got Talent and a beach trip for our class. While the first time around both these events were not seamless, I did learn a lot from both. These have both helped me learn more about what the student body enjoys and what we can build and add. It is always difficult for me to state what ideas I have for change since mostly all the ideas that I run by the other class reps and Mr. Wriede are ones that students bring to me. If you ask my close friends, they can attest to the fact that if I’m presented with an idea you will typically find me a few minutes later writing it down in the notes app. Even ideas that don’t get accepted by faculty or other students help me learn about what is and is not something that the Peddie community will like and value. So even though I didn’t exactly answer the question, I can ensure that I am open to hearing about any ideas and making them a reality.


Q & A 

What are some clubs, activities, teams, or groups that you’re a part of on campus? 

I am a part of Peddie Cross Country and Peddie Indoor and Outdoor Track. I am also currently a part of student council as a class representative.

What is your favorite Peddie tradition/Peddie memory? 

Probably Blair Day like everyone else, but also I think one of my favorite parts of the year is always preseason. I also just love when it’s spring the volleyball net gets properly set up. There’s too many memories to choose from.

What are some things you like to do in your free time? 

I love doing random things when I’m bored at home. Sometimes my boredom results in me doing physical activity like running, dancing, or going to the gym. Other times it’s me finding random things in my house and making small little crafts, like painting, crocheting, or learning how to solve a rubik’s cube. Since my siblings have all left the house now I find myself increasingly bored so I try to be around my parents, cousins, or friends.

Favorite book/movie/tv show? 

I have never been able to answer this question, because honestly I can be very indecisive and am unable to choose one book, movie, or tv show that I like above the rest. I like mystery books though.

What songs have you been listening to most right now? 

As the one always playing music on the speaker during long runs for track and cross country, I find myself listening to a variety of music. On my own time I would say I listen mainly to r&b, and some artists I listen to include Jordan Ward, Victoria Monét, Drake, Mac Miller, Daniel Caesar, and others.

Share a fun fact about yourself! 

People are always surprised when I say I have three older siblings. While most know my oldest brother Danny as he just graduated from Peddie last year, I also have two older sisters Jorina and Elisa. I also am now known more as a runner, but up until my time at Peddie I was a dancer first. Specifically I did ballet for 8+ years and spent the majority of my childhood at my dance studio. I’m also not related to the Kardashians, and am from Albania not Armenia.

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