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Vice President Statement: Aryan Reddy

Vice President Statement: Aryan Reddy

Candidate Statement

I believe that the role of Vice-President is someone who can advocate for the student body, be energetic, and unite the students together during times like Community Meeting. While being Vice-President is a time consuming task, the ability to advocate and help push for ideas that the student body wants is something that has appealed to me for a while.

Simultaneously, I want to make Community Meeting a space where students can look forward to and enjoy.

Governing student council and the school will take a good portion of your time, what other activities both in and out of school do you plan on participating in? How will you balance them?

I am a part of the crew team while also being apart of the percussion ensemble in orchestra. Time management is apart of everybody’s life at Peddie as we all juggle sports, clubs and homework. I know that governing the student council will be a time consuming activity but I am willing to sacrifice free time in order to prioritize the ideas and changes that I hope to implement for the student body.

What qualities do you possess that makes you a good role model and representative that will allow you to be a leader of the entire school?

While throughout my Peddie career I haven’t always been the most outgoing person, recently, I have learned to learned to adapt and communicate with my peers to narrow down possible changes in the community while bringing a fun optimistic spirit. I believe that this is extremely important as when many students are stressed with work, a leader that has a optimistic mindset can alter their moods for the day.

What ideas do you have for change and how would you implement these ideas? What would you like to continue?

I want to create more opportunities to promote Peddie spirit, similar to the Peddie v. Hightstown basketball game. I believe that creating fun competition between grades can be something to look forward to for the community whether it is something during spirit week or mini challenges for heads day points. Alongside that, I want to create other ways to help students relieve themselves from everyday stress with a possible mental health day. I hope to be able to push for all these idea as your VP nest year.


Q & A

What are some clubs, activities, teams, or groups that you’re a part of on campus? 

I am a part of the Peddie Crew team, Orchestra, and a member of the YEC business club.

What is your favorite Peddie tradition/Peddie memory? 

My favorite Peddie tradition/memory is from Blue and Gold games during Freshman year where I was able to build friendships that have lasted me throughout high school.

What are some things you like to do in your free time? 

I like to spend time with my friends and family.

Favorite book/movie/tv show? 

My favorite movie is Cars. My favorite book is one of the Harry Potter books. My favorite TV show is Brooklyn 99.

What songs have you been listening to most right now? 

Recently I have been listening to songs by Drake and Aboogie.

Share a fun fact about yourself! 

I am running for VP at the Peddie School and I hope to be able to run some fun and exciting Community meetings.

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