A Day In The Life of Mr. Luo

Amanda Strapp '26

Teaching two AP Statistics and one Pre Calculus-Advanced class, coaching JV boys tennis, living in Austen-Colgate, and having a pet cat may seem like a lot to juggle, but Mr. Luo manages it all. His days are busy, but he believes teaching Peddie students is worth it.

Mr. Luo starts his day off at 6:30 a.m., or 7:30 a.m. if he had dorm duty the previous night. He describes his morning routine as always the same: “Wash face, get dressed, pet Stinky (my cat), drink coffee, walk out the door. On weekends, instead of leaving my apartment, I will play Monster Hunter with my early-bird crew, discuss politics with Stinky, or write stories. I find that I have my best ideas early in the morning.” Mr. Luo resides in the Austen-Colgate dorm and has an easy four-minute walk to class.

Mr. Luo’s class day starts at 8 or 9 a.m. in Annenberg Hall. Because he teaches one less class than most teachers, he spends more time doing dorm duty. This also allows him to use his free blocks throughout the day to plan his classes.

Mr. Luo described his classes as a mixture of “chaos” and normalcy. Mr. Luo coaches JV boys tennis in the spring, and throughout the rest of the year, he does dorm duty or helps out with Saturday Night Activities.

After afternoon activities, dinner is next on the agenda. “PFS is the default, but I will cook dumplings or pasta when I want to avoid humans. I also make the drive over to Terakawa Ramen in Princeton sometimes. Their Japanese-style curry is solid.” Before bed, Mr. Luo saves his game, feeds Stinky (his cat), and showers. He believes that he is in bed before 1 a.m., but he never really checks the time. 

When asked what his favorite part of being a teacher at Peddie is, Mr. Luo said, “Grading and planning are both tedious, but actually teaching in the classroom when students are there is dope. All you Peddie students are pretty all right (except for that one section of AP stats).”

Mr. Luo has a tight schedule, but makes time to hang out with his cat, plan lessons, coach tennis and relax in the dorm.