Twin Day

Maggie Gladkowski ’26

In early November, Peddie students dressed up for Twin Day for a Blair Week theme day. During Twin Day, students had the chance to match with one of their friends. Everyone looked great in their twinning outfits. Speaking of twins, what is life like for a pair of twins? 

After spending all four years at Peddie together, fraternal twins Lauren Multari ’23 and Mackenzie Multari ’23 shared their experience attending school with their twin. “We usually spend most of our day apart as we take different activities and classes,” shared Mackenzie. The start of their day is pretty basic, but they spend it together. The twins eat breakfast together and drive to school together. After their busy day at Peddie, they drive home and eat dinner with each other and their two younger brothers, who are also fraternal twins.

“We are each other’s best friends,” stated Mackenzie. Lauren and Mackenize have a very strong relationship, sort of like having a permanent best friend. One can only imagine how strong their bond is after spending all of their life together. They even have twin telepathy!

Although they are best friends, they are very different in their sports, personalities, and styles. Mackenzie plays soccer, while Lauren enjoys swimming. “Our personalities are very different,” said Lauren, explaining that she is more of an extrovert while Mackenzie is more of an introvert. Although they are different, they have a few similarities, such as interest in shows. They both love watching the tv show Friends.