Sam Greene ’01 on Pursuing Medical Careers

Sophie Botwood '25, Staff Writer

Dr. Sam Greene ’01 returned to campus last fall to give a talk for the Medicine Club. Greene shared tips for going into the medical field and encouraged students to pursue their dreams of becoming a doctor. 

He began the meeting by introducing himself and talking about the process of becoming a doctor. Greene said applicants are not only expected to have exceptional grades and extracurriculars, but they should also show lots of interest. To demonstrate this interest, applicants should say how much they want to go somewhere or be a part of something. According to Greene, “knowing what you want is important.” 

Greene said people should not underestimate the challenges of becoming a doctor and making it through medical school. Some challenges Greene mentioned were student loans and the administrative side of medicine. Although many believe that doctors do not have to deal with the business aspect of life, Greene revealed that doctors still have to worry about this.

Toward the end of the event, the audience looked at images and x-rays of different tumors and diseases and tried to diagnose what was wrong and how to cure it, which provided an experience for those eager to try different examples of tasks in the medical field. Determining what different x-rays mean and hearing about becoming or being a doctor was very intriguing and engaging for the audience. According to Jane Kim ’25, “it was a very eye-opening experience.” 

As Shruthika Padhy, a senior leader of the Peddie Medicine Club, said, “we’re very grateful for the opportunity to host Dr. Greene.” Overall, this meeting was fascinating and a great experience for those interested in entering the medical field or trying to figure out what they want to accomplish after high school.