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Courtesy of Peddie Flickr

If you have regularly attended The Peddie School of Excellence these last two weeks, you surely must have heard of Priyanka Seth ’24 and Kyle Williams ’24, Peddie’s dynamic co-president duo. Truly the Peddie-school versions of the Kardashians, it is impossible not to have at least heard of our executive branch. Both presidents are forces to be reckoned with in their classrooms, athletic fields and art studios while also (somehow) having the time to engage meaningfully with their peers and serve as the co-heads of the Peddie School council, keeping the machine of our student body running smoothly. 

Recently, I was granted the spectacular opportunity to interview our co-presidents (how they had time after all their commitments for an interview, I have yet to learn to this day), and what happens next may shock you. 

Hey Kyle Williams and Priyanka Seth! It’s really great to sit down with you two and finally get to know you! 

Kyle: Hi Preeya, happy to help.

Okay, let’s jump right in, shall we? So, for starters, what factors made Peddie feel like home for you two? 

Priyanka: Definitely the faculty; I can name at least four or five faculty members that I am super comfortable with, ranging from dorm soups, parents and teachers; they definitely have created a space for me where I know I can go to talk to someone and feel no judgment. Of course, the people here, specifically my friend group. They are literally the ones that are holding me together. [Llaughs] I think I met my soulmates as friends here. Like, my best friend is my platonic soulmate. Soulmates, I guess. [Laughs] And I know they will be, you know, at my wedding, they will be the aunts to my children. I say this a lot, but, like, they’re the loves of my life. And I think that’s why I love Peddie so much; the community that the school builds and the friends that you make are forever. Like freshman year, I was always told you’ll meet the friends of your life and, you know, all of that. And I didn’t really know to what extent that would be true, but now I remember the seniors last year, some of my best friends who are in their freshman year of college. I still keep them updated on literally everything and everyone and whatever is happening in my life. And they are always so glad to hear from me. So it’s definitely the people; they are what we’ve got and are amazing. Also, the general openness at Peddie is great.

Kyle: For me, I have a special spot in my heart for prefects because of the dirty work they go through, the pain and suffering, and having to listen to all your issues [Laughs]. But also, like especially Deven’s brother, who was my prefect as a freshman, (Priyanka: Deven’s brother?) [Laughs] Priyanka’s brother Deven. The better Seth. He walked me through how to get used to Peddie and get used to the workload, and how to balance that. What worked and didn’t work for me, along with everyone who helped me give back to the community and understand what I should be doing and where I fit in. Prefects, for me, have a really special heart. But also faculty. When I first came to the campus, I was greeted by Mr. Onion, holding a morning bun from a bakery five minutes from my house. It’s those little special connections that I made here at The Peddie School; they’re like treasure.

Wow, that was some seriously insightful information, you guys. So, you two were both athletic leaders during your time here. How did that build your sense of community and character here? 

Priyanka: Being track captain was definitely a lot of fun. I created bonds and connections with other girls. The track team, in general, feels like a family, especially with the other captains and the crossing over between the boys’ and the girls’ teams. It definitely was a community that supported one another and wanted each other to excel, so we pushed each other. And it felt like Peddie.

Kyle: The track team was definitely a massive inspiration for me, and we had some great moments as a team. We bonded a lot. It was really amazing to work with such dedicated athletes. 

Did your time on the track team help you decide to run for student-body co-presidents? 

Priyanka: Yes, but I think the main thing was I really did love the school, and I saw from my brother’s freshman year to my junior year that there was a decrease in a lot of Peddie pride, and that was something that Kyle and I really want to, you know, focus on and bring back. In track, we really had that Peddie pride as a team. We did Spirit Days on our meet days, dressing up as superheroes for one meet, for example. And I think that pride really helped us win that meet. So, I wanted to see what more Peddie pride could bring to the whole school. 

Kyle: For me, track didn’t play much as large a part as running for president as my experiences in freshman year. My freshman year, I was a hermit in need of saving. I didn’t really do track, and I wish I had because, in my sophomore and junior years, I started to realize how much I appreciated how important it was to me. I spent a lot of time alone. But Peddie, especially its student body, helped bring me out of my shell and pushed me to run for president. Now, I want to make sure that people feel comfortable and welcome in this community, and that’s what I really am focusing on. 

That’s really sweet. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. Okay, now for the rapid-fire questions. What’s your favorite movie? 

Priyanka: Ghost in the Shell!

Kyle: I don’t have a favorite movie, but I have a special place in my heart for the Blue Planet series. 


Oh, good choices. Best class you’ve ever taken at Peddie? 

Priyanka: I would say Politics, Parties, and Elections was great. That was probably one of my favorite classes. Also Decolonization, with Ms. Sommers. 

Kyle: Oh, this is hard. Photo One with Mr. Dale or Decolonization with Ms. Sommers. 


Love them. Favorite teacher? 

Kyle: Oh, Onion, without a doubt, followed very closely by Ms. Brown. 

Priyanka: Oh, I don’t know, I loved all my teachers. I really enjoyed Ms. Somers and Mr.Dale’s classes, though!


Favorite song? 

Priyanka: I have to pull up my Spotify, go first Kyle. 

Kyle: I have to pull up my Apple Music.


Priyanka: I know.

Apple Music is crazy. I’m putting that as my one criticism in the article. Actually, no, that’s the title. Kyle Williams uses Apple Music, the exposé. [Laughs]

Kyle: [Laughs] I know, I’m an old man.


You are 100%. Okay, favorite song? 

Priyanka: [Laughs] My favorite song changes weekly, but right now, it’s “You’re Gonna Go Far” by Noah Kahan.

Kyle: Again, I’m old, but “I’d Rather Be With You” by Bootsy Collins. 


Classics. Favorite Peddie School Tradition? 

Priyanka: Heads Day

Kyle: Blair Day. 


Go Peddie, beat Blair! Senior event you’re looking forward to? 

Priyanka: Graduation.

Kyle: Prom leading into Senior Skip Day. 


What’s the one spot you’ve always wanted to visit? Like anywhere in the world. 

Priyanka: Iceland.

Kyle: I enjoyed Iceland, so it’s worth it. But for me, I want to go to Lesotho. 


Tubular. I’m sorry I’m running out of words. Favorite state in America? 

Priyanka: MONTANA, BABY! It was my second-grade state project. We had to pick a state out of, like, it was just a random pencil thing, like with all the states on it. And I just picked one randomly, and it was Montana. So Montana forever and always. 

Kyle: Interesting. You picked the wrong state. The correct answer was California, but I would never retire there.


Actually, Kyle, the correct answer was New Jersey, specifically Highstown, New Jersey, but I digress. Hardest AP you have ever taken. 

Priyanka: Physics. 

Kyle: I would say APUSH. Though, it was my favorite class so far.


All right, four more questions. Favorite sport? 

Kyle: Cycling

Priyanka: Football, I love football. Or basketball. 


Interesting. Head’s day teams?

Priyanka: Potter!

Kyle: The proper one. Potter.


Wrong answer: Green’s simply the best one.

Priyanka: Cheaters!


Green always wins! Favorite Book?

Kyle: It’s not technically a book, more of a collection of manuscripts. But “Three Days Before The Shooting” by Ralph Ellison and collected by his lawyer, it’s all post-mortem/unfinished work. But yeah, it’s an amazing collection. It’s basically a trilogy. One book is a thousand pages, though. 

Priyanka: “And Then There Were None.” It’s a mystery book by Agatha Christie. 


Good taste! Okay, last question, and then you can return to being the co-presidents. What is one thing you want to say to underclassmen, specifically freshmen at Peddie this year? 

Priyanka: Definitely try new things. This is the best time to explore and try stuff. Like I always use the example. I had never touched a camera before and never did anything photography-based. But after I took Mr. Dale’s photo one class, I actually fell so in love with it that I even have a film camera in my room. I’m planning on taking this Photo II class, hopefully.

Kyle: Don’t procrastinate. I did freshman year, and I suffered. Don’t procrastinate. 


Okay! Thank you so much for your time! 

And thank you for everything you do both in the spotlight and out of it. 

I think Peddie’s in good hands right now, president-wise.

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