Von Grey: A Deviation From Classical Music

By: Yvonne Zhou ’15
Section Editor

Von Grey, a musical band consisting of four sisters, performed Sept. 19 for the first Peddie cultural event of the year.

The group, made up of Kathryn (19), Annika (18), Fiona (16), and Petra (14), originated as a classical quartet but transitioned into the band they are today approximately three years ago. Throughout the performance, Von Grey demonstrated their musical versatility, as each member played a variety of instruments, including the mandolin, electric guitar, and percussion pad.

The sisters all started their classical music trainings from a young age. After encountering performers during a music festival and a trip to Southern India, they decided to try different musical styles—such as bluegrass— and started to compose songs. During this time, the band started performing in various venues, such as playing background music at weddings and singing at parties. All of the Von Grey sisters are home-schooled, which made it possible for them to further their career and go on tour for half of each year.

Earlier in the afternoon, Von Grey conducted a workshop with Peddie students in orchestra and chorus. During the workshop, the band shared their experiences on composition and performance, and encouraged students to improvise with them on stage.

“I really enjoy learning about the composition process,” said Lynna Ye ’15, the current concertmaster of the Peddie orchestra. “It was a lovely experience watching the band perform so professionally, especially since we are around the same age. The girls were nice and helpful when I asked them questions about musical performance. It definitely inspired my interest in experimenting with my instruments.”

When asked about their future plan, Fiona von Grey replied: “We certainly want to continue performing and gain a larger fan base.”

Peddie will welcome singer Alexander Kariotis for the winter cultural arts event in December.