Blair Day 2021


Jenna Kim '23

Cross Country Runners take a victory lap around Blair’s field following a crushing win.

Ananya Hari '25, Staff Writer

After last year’s Blair Day was canceled because of the pandemic, this year’s Blair Week celebrations returned in full glory. Following the much-anticipated Blair Week celebrations (including an all-school chapel, a pep rally, and a bonfire), the big day finally arrived. The results were contrary to what many at Peddie hoped for, as Peddie lost to Blair Academy after almost eight years. But Peddie won many victories across a variety of sports, including Varsity Boys Soccer (2-1), Varsity Girls Tennis (5-2), Junior Varsity Girls Tennis (4-1), Boys Cross Country  (19-37), and Girls Cross Country (23-37). They tied in in Junior Varsity Girls Soccer (0-0) and suffered crushing defeats in Varsity Girls Field Hockey (5-0), Junior Varsity Girls Field Hockey (4-0), Thirds Boys Soccer (5-0), Junior Varsity Boys Soccer (2-0), Varsity Girls Soccer (1-0), Junior Varsity Football (33-0) and Varsity Football (39-7). 

This year’s Blair Day took place away from the nest at Blair. Falcons rose up with great enthusiasm, requesting additional buses as the support of Peddie students for their fellow Falcons overflowed. No matter the outcome, Peddie students were ready to fight in a day of good fun. Many athletes on the courts and field were flushed with excitement at how amazing it was to see their peers cheering for them and others around the fields. 

Restrictions for COVID-19 on Blair’s campus followed a similar guideline that all current Peddie students are familiar with. While on the bus or indoors, everyone must be masked for the safety of everyone. Otherwise, it was permitted to remove a mask. Everyone seemed content with this decision, safely returning to the most exciting day for Peddie sports teams in the entire year. 

As many have pointed out, half of the student body has never experienced a proper Blair Day. The sophomore class lost their first Blair Day to COVID last year but experienced the thrilling day with the novel freshman class. In the aftermath of the event, many underclassmen have expressed excitement about celebrating Blair Week next year. “It was a very fun experience. I was able to spend time with friends and watch all sorts of amazing school events. The school spirit was incredible, and I loved seeing everyone wearing blue and gold,” said Leena Mirchandani ’25. “ It was a great experience as a freshman, and I’m so excited for my next Blair day,” she said.