Peddie Fund Week 2022


Students write postcards to Peddie donors during Peddie Fund Week.

Leena Mirchandani '25, Staff Writer

Postcard writing competition, posters, and spirit — Peddie Fund Week is here. The Peddie Fund is a fundraising initiative used to enhance and enrich the Peddie experience for all students. It offers alumni, parents and supporters of Peddie an opportunity to pledge donations and make gifts to the school. Donations to The Peddie Fund are used in all facets of the school including, DNA kits and chemicals for biology labs, class trips, art supplies, new instruments, venue transportation to the prom, POCO supplies and more. The Director of The Peddie Fund is Ms. Mary Tennyson Mahoney ’94. 

Peddie Fund Week is February 7 through 11. This week aims to connect the Peddie community to support The Peddie Fund. Ms. Mahoney shared that in the past there have been informative posters and flyers around campus and a donor postcard writing competition. These activities are aimed to inform students about The Peddie Fund and its impact. This week creates connections between current students and alumni to create bonds between many generations of Falcons.

The Peddie Fund is important to ensure all students have the opportunity to attend Peddie. Peddie Fund Co-Chair Megan Cannan ’95 said a meaningful aspect of The Peddie Fund is “to make Peddie truly ‘need blind’ when looking at potential applicants. Removing that enrollment obstacle, in turn, builds a stronger and more enriched Peddie community.” 

A core value of Peddie is community involvement. Peddie teaches its students to be the best version of themselves. Peddie Fund Co-Chair Jaleh Amouzegar ’85 said, “I learned so much at Peddie that still serves me to this day.”  

Amouzegar ’85 emphasized the importance of donations “It’s not the dollar amount, it’s about participation.” Although financial participation is extremely important, donating time and effort to Peddie is equally essential. Remaining connected to Peddie as an alumnus is very important. 

Cannan ’95 shared that “Realizing where you spend your time and your money from a philanthropic standpoint is building your community. I’ve always wanted to give to Peddie because it was impactful for me, and I thought it was important to stay connected.”

Peddie gives students a myriad of unique opportunities which help students grow and thrive throughout their high school careers. Amouzegar ’85 shared that if a student had a good experience at a school, then giving back is the logical next step. The Peddie Fund allows alumni to share their appreciation for Peddie through giving. 

The Peddie Fund is essential for the Peddie community and continues to support all generations of Falcons. Cannan ’95 shared that as she has been involved in the alumni program, she realized, “how important The Peddie Fund is for keeping Peddie going and keeping the same programs and enrichment available for the next generation of Peddie.” 

Passing on what the previous generation has given Peddie, and then making the Peddie community even better for the next generation is essential. Cannan ’95 said, “There was someone before me who gave … In my small way, that’s something I hope to pass on to the next generation of Peddie students.” The philanthropy and benevolence of donors of all generations influence the next Peddie students. 

Peddie Fund Co-Chairs:

Jaleh Amouzegar 85

Megan Cannan 95 

Ashim Midha 09

William Brick 87 & Mary Sedarat P ‘24

Lavanya Hari & Hari Moorthy P22 25

Ming Jin & Ruirui Lee P24