International Awareness Week 2022


Students hold their respective flags during the International Awareness Week Chapel.

Leena Mirchandani '25, Staff Writer

From January 24-29, 2022, Peddie celebrated International Awareness Week. Events of the week included Chapel presentations, cultural activities in the classroom, an advisory program, Signature Program presentations, and the international food program. 

The Chapel presentation began with a parade of flags, displaying the diverse array of countries that Peddie students call home. This was followed by a French musical performance and presentations from the French program about Chinese New Year. Sr. Jose Ruiz, Language Department Chair, said, “My favorite part (of International Awareness Week) is the parade of flags. Every year we have more students asking me to march in the parade of flags. That is something that shows they are proud of their cultural heritage, and at the same time, they feel like an important part of our vibrant and accepting community.” 

Classroom programs included learning Merengue, origami, Chinese calligraphy, and watching films. Cultural immersion in the classroom effectively taught students about cultures through interactive activities. This was a way for students to celebrate other cultures alongside their friends and classmates. 

In a smaller group setting, students discussed International Awareness Week within their advisory groups. During this week, seniors participating in the Langrage Signature Program and Asian Studies Program presented their projects remotely due to COVID. Despite the challenges presented by social distancing, Peddie successfully celebrated International Culture Week.  

To honor the nuances and specialties of different cuisines around the world, Peddie Food Service put together an international food program. World cuisines including Belgian waffles, Thai roast beef sandwiches, Mahi Mahi Chermarla, and chicken enchilada soup were offered to the Peddie community. These fine eats gave students the opportunity to try foods from around the world, experiencing diversity through the lens of food. 

International Awareness Week is important for Peddie students as it exposes them to many cultures of our world. Introducing a variety of traditions, this annual event enlightens students and makes them more open-minded. Being more aware of the world and its cultures allows students to recognize and celebrate diversity. 

Sr. Ruiz shared, “One of the things that make our community unique is our cultural diversity, and International Awareness Week is a week put aside to celebrate that diversity and at the same time, a great opportunity to educate our community on global issues.”