Race and Ethnicity: Fall DEI Day 2022

Luke Chon ’26, Writer

On Thursday, September 22, Peddie held its second Fall Term DEI Day. Students were given the opportunity to explore their cultural and ethnic identities through various workshops and affinity spaces led by guest speakers, faculty members and students. Workshop options included “Exploring Race and Ethnicity in Contemporary Art,” “Racial Identity in Politics and Public Policy Formation,” and so much more.

Kefei Wu ’24, expressed her appreciation for DEI Day and all that it offered, stating, “I really enjoyed my student-led affinity space because it was really refreshing to hear people my age discuss their cultural identities.” Wu, whose parents were both born and raised in China, participated in “The One That Made It,” the “Politics That ‘It’ Comes With” workshop led by Ashley Fernandez ’12 and the Asian-American Pacific Islander affinity space.

Jack Pometti ’23 participated in a workshop led by Mr. Roach. “I liked how I got to hear so many different perspectives, and I thought that was pretty cool,” said Pometti.

This sentiment was reflected across a large portion of the Peddie community as DEI Day allowed students and faculty alike to become more aware of what it means to be a member of a particular ethnic background and what it means to be human. This year’s DEI Day was an undeniable success, and in certain regards, it educated the student body more than any math quiz or biology exam ever could.