Spotlight During Covid-19: A Hybrid International Boarder, Erika Egliskis


Zoe Chao '23, Staff Writer

With the pandemic striking headlines and attacking cities, Peddie students around the world altered their plans over the summer. 70% of all Falcons are back on campus, including a sprinkling of international students. Erika Egliskis ’23 is one of them.

Due to Covid-19, Egliskis’s summer plans were altered drastically. “I originally had plans to go to summer programs in the US and also travel to a few countries with my family. However, I ended up spending the entirety of my summer in Japan,” said Egliskis. Japan, a country of 126.5 million people, has recorded over 84,000 cases, keeping many citizens indoors. Like many others, Egliskis sheltered in place for the majority of the time, occasionally making plans to safely interact with her friends. When she was indoors, Egliskis often contacted her Peddie friends and sewed masks for an orphanage in Tokyo.

While traveling back to Peddie, Egliskis kept a cautious and meticulous habit of sanitizing everything before she used it. In addition to cleaning, Egliskis also wore a face shield, mask and gloves at all times to prevent the virus from getting to her. After landing, Egliskis was quarantined for 14 days at a nearby hotel. “While I was quarantined, I was pretty bored. I was stuck inside my hotel room for two weeks, and I wasn’t even allowed to go outside for some fresh air,” said Egliskis. She occupied her time by watching Netflix and finishing up summer homework. Additionally, she took several precautions, like washing her hands after coming in contact with teachers and monitoring her temperature twice a day. 

Now Egliskis is back in her dorm at Peddie with the new Covid-19 restrictions in place. “I miss being able to walk into town and go to Mannino’s and the diner with my friends,” she said. “I also miss being able to go into my friends’ dorm rooms and having sleepovers during the weekend.” Although some pieces of the Peddie experience are missing, she is still delighted to be back on campus and surrounded by her friends. “I’m very glad I get to see many of my friends again. I haven’t been able to see them since before spring break.”

Although not all of the student body has returned, the Peddie spirit remains strong,as Peddie Falcons gradually repopulate campus, catch up with their friends, have fun together, and anxiously await the return of all of their community members.