Admissions Officer Jacqueline Rivera: A Day in the Life

Leena Mirchandani ’25, Editor

Every Peddie student is familiar with the admission process: transcripts, tours, interviews, revisit days, letters of recommendation, and, of course, Falcon socks, but not everyone knows the woman behind the scenes.

Ms. Rivera, one of the newest additions to Peddie’s Admission Office, is the assistant director of admission as well as the multicultural recruitment coordinator for Peddie and the DEI coordinator for affinity and engagement. Growing up in Trenton, Hightstown’s next-door neighbor, Ms. Rivera “understands the opportunity that education has and can unlock for you.”

Ms. Rivera describes the role of an admission officer as an “ambassador of the school,” in constant communication with prospective students and families. Prior to coming to Peddie, she worked at a junior boarding school for students in grades Pre-K to 8, which focused on granting underprivileged children critical education opportunities. She said “[this experience] drove my passion for finding students, who wouldn’t otherwise see themselves at Peddie, to find themselves here.”

“Cyclical” is a term she uses to characterize the role of an admission officer. In the fall, the admission office is bustling with interviews, tours and open houses. Wintertime is the “reading season,” when the admission officers review application materials submitted by prospective students to achieve a holistic view of each student. The spring is abundant with acceptance letters, tours and events like “Be A Falcon” days.

In addition to being an admission officer, Ms. Rivera is also an advisor, which allows her to connect with Peddie students on a deeper level. As the multicultural recruitment coordinator, Ms. Rivera works alongside Ms. Rogers, the director of diversity, equity and inclusion, and Ms. Spivey, the DEI Coordinator for Students, on the Welcome Program, a pre-orientation program offered to students “who hold historically underrepresented identities in independent school.”

Ms. Rivera is energized by the overwhelming support of the Peddie community as well as the excitement new families bring to admission events. Ms. Rivera appreciates the diverse Peddie community. She loves that Peddie students can both work hard and play hard. The community spirit around traditions like Head’s Day and Blair Week is one of Ms. Rivera’s favorite parts of Peddie!

Outside Peddie, Ms. Rivera enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, especially outdoors under the sun. In addition, Ms. Rivera loves traveling and is a huge foodie! Next time you stop by the Admission Office, pop into Ms. Rivera’s office and say “hello!”