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The student news site of Peddie School

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The student news site of Peddie School

The Peddie News

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Vice President Statement: Christopher Denson


Candidate Statement 

Vice president is meant to be a connection between the students and the faculty and co-presidents who make many of the decisions at Peddie. A greater part of my job is seeing
the changes you want and not only voicing them but putting them into practice. Anyone who’s taken my seat in a class knows how stubborn I am. I assure you, that translates to more than just seating arrangements.

Governing student council and the school will take a good portion of your time, what other activities both in and out of school do you plan on participating in? How will you balance them?

But like Mr. Stewart, you don’t care about me until I get motion so here’s what I’ll do for you. Hunger. Peeps need food, and if you don’t go to breakfast, there should be a grab-and-go option of untouched fruits, bagels, etc. You won’t always have to pay for one, whether it be at the grill or hot bagels. Peddie student starving? Never

What qualities do you possess that makes you a good role model and representative that will allow you to be a leader of the entire school?

Saturdays. I’m not a liar, I won’t promise to make them disappear, didn’t get my father’s knack for vanish magic. I did, however, inherit his huge appreciation for fun. We can have small little “You made it through the week without needing CORE” celebrations! So some snacks, maybe a movie playing. I’m imagining this happening in Masland. Longstreet if we have to or if that’s preferred by y’all. but i don’t wanna walk that far. im not gonna

What ideas do you have for change and how would you implement these ideas? What would you like to continue?

Wifi LMAAOOO y’all know how this always goes, but it’s always worth trying and I will do my best. It’s almost as bad as promising new toilet paper. Also, for any kids so unfortunate as to
catch COVID, I will do my best to have teachers record the classes you miss so you can watch them at your own pace as you get better. Hoping to extend this to other absences (tho if u wake up late that’s on you i got nothin left to give 🙁 ).

I will also send out forms on maybe a weekly or monthly/termly(is this a word?) basis, still deciding, that will be anonymous to accept any ideas, questions, issues, concerns, friendly death threats, or basketball 1v1 invitations (I can cook any of y’all) (varsity it was a JOKE) (unlesss u feel like getting cooked ofc (im lying)). Also physical suggestion boxes maybe, in dorm/lib. btw i will def cook you

also shuttles to princeton junction for long weekend and breaks. save some cab money. we up

Thx if you made it this far. I probably won’t get this far in proofreading. ty

Read the last word of each paragraph (start on 2nd paragraph)
Chris(topher Channell-)Denson, Peddie VP
Junior ’25
Silver (gold gun)/Zen main (we still climbin y’all)


Q & A 

What are some clubs, activities, teams, or groups that you’re a part of on campus? I run track, am one of the leaders of Bon Appetit (Peddie’s food club), a member of PEST. According to other sign-ups, I`m also a “Peddie Woman In STEM.” I used to run cross country, my favorite team culture on campus. Sprints are my main athletic activities.

What is your favorite Peddie tradition/Peddie memory?

Getting to drum at Blue & Gold day this year, sprinting at the end up my first Blair Day for cross country (may or may not have walked intermittently during the race just so I could sprint as best I could to finish)

What are some things you like to do in your free time?

I play some games, but I also love playing basketball. You can find me talking trash on the courts most Sundays. I also enjoy talking to people. Drumming is one of my favorite things to do when I’m free. ‘Talk[ing] about the political and economic state of the world right now’

Favorite book/movie/tv show? 

Book: A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah. I read that in elementary school and it kinda cooked my brain. Lucky me, I still ended up loving it for some of the perspective it gave. Also Choosing Courage by Peter Collier. It also provided courage, they were stories of people in war and their courage. Something about it is inspiring and humbling.

Movie: I love Star Wars. I couldn’t really give you a movie, maybe Revenge of The Sith.TV Show: Currently watching Shameless, but The Clone Wars will always be an amazing classic.

What song/songs have you been listening to most right now?

Oh boy..guys I can’t give a super long response. So much rock and R&B. Everything. Here’s my ‘On Repeat’ playlist from spotify?

Share a fun fact about yourself!

I also can play the trumpet. I’ve been with he drums since I was 3. I have a birthmark in one of my eyes (I always forget which one). My other last name is Channell. Isn’t it pretty?? Props to mama’s side for that W.

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