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The student news site of Peddie School

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The student news site of Peddie School

The Peddie News

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Vice President Statement: Eric Cho


Candidate Statement 

I’ll try hard to make community meeting and other events fun. I don’t think Vice Presidents necessarily truly hold the position to induce deep change with administration, for example,
nobody is going to get rid of Saturday classes and freshmen will always turn in their phone for study hall, but I know I’ll use whatever power that comes with the position to realistically
fight for the better of the student body. I’ve done it in the past for nonprofit activities and the football team. I’ll consider all ideas and use them to create an engaging and fun environment. I think school spirit is really important and I’ll make sure to uplift that value.

Governing student council and the school will take a good portion of your time, what other activities both in and out of school do you plan on participating in? How will you balance them?

I’ll thug it out don’t worry.

What qualities do you possess that makes you a good role model and representative that will allow you to be a leader of the entire school?

I mean experience-wise I was captain of the football team, was on the leadership team for track, and I lead a couple clubs and organizations etc. I’m determined to be good at the things I do so as VP I’ll work hard to make sure that the school year is fun for everyone and that all ideas are considered.

What ideas do you have for change and how would you implement these ideas? What would you like to continue?

I think it’s easy to not look forward to community meetings because it takes away break time and honestly it becomes a chore for a lot of people. I’d like to make them fun and utilize the time to truly bring the community together rather than it being another forced obligation. I’d also like to see more student engagement within the community. I feel like there aren’t as many student-led initiatives as there used to be when I was a freshman, and I’d like to see that environment return.

Q & A 

What are some clubs, activities, teams, or groups that you’re a part of on campus? 

Captain of football team, track team, cofounder of Peddie Sports Fan Network, VP of checkmates (chess club), founder of first sports fund,  wazworld (club basketball)

What is your favorite Peddie tradition/Peddie memory? 

No class saturday

What are some things you like to do in your free time? 


Favorite book/movie/tv show? 

I thought Barbie was peak

What songs have you been listening to most right now? 

Promise by Laufey and Crazy Story by King Von

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