Peddie Heads Day 2020


Elizabeth Hu '21, Junior Co-Editor-in-Chief

After a week of virtual competitions during Earth Week and culminating on Heads’ Day, Seltzer took home the victory by only three points. 

For most students, Heads’ Day is the highlight of their spring term. The field day brings the entire Peddie community together to demonstrate its school spirit, as student teams compete against each other in various events. This year, Peddie’s closure for the COVID-19 pandemic made a physical field day impossible. Despite these circumstances, the Battle of the Heads took place online, with Peddie students continuing their competitive tradition and celebrating Earth Day from April 22 through April 29. The four teams, Potter, Seltzer, Degray, and Green, competed with each other to see who would come out on top. 

On April 29, Peddie students competed in virtual Heads’ Day activities to earn even more points for their team. Even though “it obviously wasn’t the same as throwing eggs at my friends in front of the Science Center,…it made things feel a little more normal during all this chaos,” said Bhanu Cheepurupalli ’21. With the plethora of events, there was an activity for everyone. Some traditional events continued with modifications, like the Hand on the Fridge and Big Booty. A variety of new games were also introduced, like the Most Tik Tok Likes and Game Pigeon. 

In addition to Heads’ Day, students also had the opportunity to earn points for their team by participating in Earth Week events leading up to Heads’ Day.  At the end of Earth Week, Potter was in first place with 141 points, at least 50 more than any other team. The other teams scrambled to make up for this difference on Heads’ Day.

Battle of the Heads sticker created by the Class of 2021 Class Representatives

Even though Peddie students were not able to enjoy this annual competition on campus, they did not let the current circumstances stop them from demonstrating their school spirit and continuing the tradition of Heads’ Day. “The way we all logged in and showed up to keep a Peddie tradition alive despite all the barriers of distance and time demonstrates our commitment and love of the Falcon life,” said Cheepurupalli. 

Throughout Heads’ Day, Potter managed to stay ahead of the competition by at least 40 points for most of the day; in the end, Seltzer made an unexpected comeback. In the last few hours of the competition, Seltzer and Potter remained only a few points apart, with Seltzer in the lead. 

After a week of friendly competition and virtual activities, the total points resulted in 377 for Degray, 396 for Green, 443 for Potter, and 446 for Seltzer.