Swing Against Cancer

Nick Berlet ’18, Staff writer

Every spring, golf teams from the tristate area donate to the Swing Against Cancer fund, along with the varsity teams playing in an 18 hole tournament. Although Peddie’s team did not donate the most money ($6,000), they won the Tournament.

In the tournament, Peddie’s top four scores totaled to 306, making Peddie victorious. Sophomores Charles Chung and Jeffrey Tian both shot 72 and 73 which led Peddie to victory. Regardless of winning or losing, the tournament was a success in an attempt to raise awareness and money for all types of cancer.

Coming in with a 73 (+1), Tian reflected on his round as one of his best yet, and certainly his best Peddie event.

“I shot an unbelievable eagle on hole eight. I had about 95 yards to the hole from the rough, and I used my 56 degree wedge to make sure that the ball would not go over and into the water. The ball landed about one club head length in front of the hole and bounced straight in. I heard the “pop” sound and was paralyzed for two seconds,” Tian said.

The eagle brought the sophomore much confidence early in the round, causing later success.

Coming in with a 72 (E), winner of the tournament, Chung too reflected on his most successful round at Peddie.

“I played very solid golf today. I did my best to not make many careless mistakes and double check every shot. I made the putts when it mattered and played smart golf, not too aggressively for a birdie, but rather to keep making pars. I’m proud of the other players in my group who repeatedly encouraged each other and persevering through the tough holes,” Chung ’19 said.

Golf Coach, Benjamin Bickford, was very proud of his team after Saturday’s performance.

“I am tremendously proud of my players for putting forth such a determined effort. The course is playing very tough, and their scores demonstrate a lot of hard work that the players have need dedicating over these past few weeks. We hope to take this momentum into the county and state tournament,” Bickford said.

However, he was more proud of the player’s contributions for the Swing Against Cancer project, as he told his players before the tournament that golf is a relatively selfish game, but a project such as this can really unite golfers as a whole, and make it a team effort.