Maximizing the Potential of the Library

Zoe Chao '23, Staff Writer

Traditional media center, study space, festivity room, and more, Walter H. Annenberg ’27 Library serves myriad needs of the Peddie community. From attending the annual Library Holiday Party, famous for its generous prizes, to studying late-night with friends, students congest the space, filling it with both laughter and diligent work. Like many of her peers, Priyanka Nanayakkara ’22 goes to the library to study. “For me it’s much more effective than studying at home. At the library, I have access to so many resources such as textbooks, snacks, writing center, etc.,” said Nanayakkara.  

The resources of the library abound; students can browse through 33,000 books on the shelves, choose from 5,000 CDs and access over 100,000 ebooks online. The print collection consists of a wide range of materials, including non-fiction books, magazines, pleasure books, textbooks, journals, and more. “The library should be the first stop for anyone with a research paper, project, PowerPoint, etc. The non-fiction print collection is very good–college-level titles, things that you can’t find on the internet,” said Library Director Brian Dubrule. “The library subscribes to the most useful databases out there, including JSTOR, ProQuest, Oxford Research, all which students will use when they get to college.” The library’s research databases are available on

 Aside from academics, the library also provides students with basic supplies such as “two copies of every book used in class,” said Evan Sassin ’23. “At the main desk, students can also check out calculators, headphones, wireless mouse, and laptop chargers…calculator charger, phone charger, tape, staplers, paperclips, scissors and other office supplies they may need,” Sassin continued.

The library staff is perhaps the library’s most valuable resource. “The librarians are great resources. Whenever I need help with my research, they are always willing to help me,” said Nanayakkara. Every minute that the library is open, someone is there to help you pick a new book to read, get started on research, find that one last primary document, or help format your bibliography.  “The best thing at the main desk is the library staff. Some of the staff have library degrees, some taught AP US History at their previous school, some have worked there for over 20 years and have seen every project assigned, and all are there ready to help you,” said Dubrule.

Students find that the library gives them the opportunity to study in a way that best suits them, from solo studying to collaborative work—even hanging with friends and snacking. “The library is a great space to study without distraction, especially downstairs; work with other students, whether that be socializing or actually studying; and to get your sugar fix [at Cafe Annenberg]! I also highly recommend getting to know the librarians. They are delightful people that do so much for our community!” said Clara Choi ’21.