New Years Resolutions

Sean Lee , Staff Writer

With the start of a new year and decade comes the hope and dread of New Year’s resolutions: hope in the idea that individuals can work towards a goal; dread of the work itself (and disillusionment in the knowledge that most resolutions are forgotten by February!). Many individuals in the Peddie Community choose to pursue such a set of resolutions. “Although I am not a big New Year’s resolution person, I hope to become a better person each month. As I am turning a new page each year, I want to become a better husband, father, and teacher. Whether or not I have achieved such goals or not, is for others to decide,” said English teacher and crew coach Joseph Murtaugh. 

Science teacher Jordi Serrato has two main goals in mind: one personal, and one career oriented. “Personally, I would like to spend more quality time with my son. As for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year, I would like to create a rocketry club at Peddie. Additionally, I hope to exercise more this year, which I am doing successfully so far,” said Serrato. 

Peddie students also have various resolutions in mind. Brandon Knox ‘23 acknowledged that he “wants to get better grades this year, preferably all As.” He has also decided that in order to achieve his goal, he will have to use an academic planner. Michael Hua ‘22 has a personal resolution to “go to the gym at least four times a week” in order to maintain a good health. He claims  he was victorious in achieving his goal last week. 

Making New Year’s resolutions or vowing change is easy. Actually achieving change is another story. As such, perhaps it is wiser to aim for baby-steps. If we aim for smaller changes every year rather than momentous ones, we won’t have to dread the new year and the pressure to make and keep resolutions.