Girls’ Varsity Tennis Reigns Undefeated


Peddie Varsity Girls’ Tennis team poses after a win.

Claire Chen ’24, Editor

One month into the 2022 season, the Peddie Girls’ Varsity Tennis team has maintained their status as undefeated, holding an impeccable record of 13-0 as of Oct 22 against other local high schools. In their biggest win of the season, the team placed third in the Mercer County Tournament Association Championships, which was an unprecedented achievement for the program. Most notably, Cat Zhang ’23 and Lakhi Raju ’24 won second place in first doubles, Courtney Cane ’25 took first place in third singles, and Karen Yao ’24 earned third place in second singles. Each and every player put forth their best effort individually, contributing to their team win.
The team faced some of their toughest challenges yet when they drove to Pennsylvania to face off against the Hill School. As Co-Captain Cat Zhang ’23 explained, “Our sixth singles girl, Ivy, was injured two days before the match, but Ely, our freshman, was willing to step up.” Between this new obstacle and the formidable strength of the Hill team, Zhang recalled that the team geared up for a close game, hoping to beat Hill 4-3. In the end, every player put in the effort and performed to their fullest extent, and the team rose above all expectations. Because “everyone gave their 110%”, as Zhang put it, the Falcons beat Hill by a definitive score of 6-1, adding another victory to their collection.
Lakhi Raju ’24 attributes part of their success to their “daily practices where [they] simulate match-like situations, and occasional weight room sessions.” She explained that they “all encourage each other to work hard and keep going.” Most importantly, the team supports each other and maintains “good vibes only,” as Coach Brian Dubrule often says.
Since the preseason, this year’s new team has focused on cultivating a culture of community and a strong sense of Peddie team spirit. When asked why she loves being a part of the team, Zhang said, “We’re like a big family! We always push each other to do our best. I love the camaraderie and that we can always have fun together!” This positive team spirit clearly influences their performance, as reflected in their massive success this year. Karen Yao ’24 explained, “Our team has a saying that ‘it’s not over until you say it’s over.’ We put our all into our matches, and we fight hard to the very last point.” Yao showcased this team philosophy in the very first match of the season against Princeton Day School, where the outcome of the entire match came down to her second set tie-breaker. Though she was down 2-5, Yao remained calm under pressure, persisted, and won 10-8, solidifying the team’s first win of the season.
With just a few matches left, Girls’ Varsity Tennis has set themselves up for a memorable and record-breaking year.