Opinion: Activism X 2022: Amnesty International

Nikita Goyal '26

In response to the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, which ended the constitutional protection for abortion, the Peddie chapter of Amnesty International hosted a series of events in order to make a change. Students met on Friday, September 30, and Saturday, October 1 to express their outrage at the anti-abortion legislation spreading across the United States.
To kick off Activism X 2022, Amnesty hosted an ice cream event in the Peddie Grille, where students wrote letters to their governors, representatives and President Biden, fighting for their fundamental human rights. They also signed petitions to protest against Facebook’s censoring of posts related to reproductive rights. As they did this, students were also given the opportunity to contribute to a SAVE ROE art project in which they hand-wrote notes detailing their frustration with Roe v. Wade. Throughout this, Amnesty members and teachers handed out ice cream as a delicious treat during the sweltering night. This event was rewarding for many students, as they were able to make a difference and show their support for abortion rights and for those suffering because of this injustice.
The next day, Peddie’s boys’ varsity football team faced Germantown Academy on the Shuman Field as students gathered wearing green to support abortion rights. Despite the team losing 27-37, Peddie students and teachers alike succeeded in raising awareness against the unjust ruling of the Supreme Court, washing the bleachers out with numerous shades of colorful green.
All in all, Activism X 2022: Amnesty International was a massive success, bringing together the Peddie community for a shared cause. The garnered support truly impacted the movement, as dozens of students’ voices were heard and spread to the public. Only time will tell the true change that will be brought; regardless, the resilience of Peddie students in the face of injustice is a true testament to the will and determination that is needed to make a difference in this vast world.