Blair Day 2022: Peddie Brings Home the Cup


Peddie Flickr

Potter Kelley Cup dances in a sea of students after Peddie brings home the cup.

Nikita Goyal '26, Staff Writer

November 5, 2022, also known as Blair Day, was one of the most important days of the Peddie school calendar. It was the day that Blair Academy, Peddie’s dear rivals, came down for an epic showdown as their sports teams faced each other, whether on the turf or on the courts. This year, Peddie students are proud to say that they brought home the Potter-Kelley Cup, taking it back from Blair, who had won it the year prior.

The day began with students and faculty roaming campus as games started. Boys’ Varsity Soccer, Girls’ Varsity Soccer, Junior Varsity Field Hockey and Peddie Girls’ Varsity Tennis all started promptly at 11:30 a.m., with Peddie Girls’ Junior Varsity Tennis having already scored Peddie a point on Wednesday. Within a few hours, Peddie and Blair were closely matched at 3-2. Attendees enjoyed watching the games as well as the food set up under massive tents in front of the Athletic Center. As the next few games finished, others started (Varsity Field Hockey, Boys’ Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls’ and Boys’ Cross Country, and Girls’ Junior Varsity Soccer). Onlookers waved multi-colored flags to show off their school pride. Finally, at 2:00 p.m., Football began, and with the double-win secured by Girls and Boys Cross Country during half-time, Peddie won 6-4, with the last point being a tie. At the end of the football game, Peddie students gathered with the Potter-Kelley Cup, home at last, and chanted the Ala Viva together to celebrate. It was a joyous time, with the school uniting, proud of their hard work and excited to excel even more in the future.

Blair Day ended with Homecoming, held in the gymnasium in the Athletic Center. Students bought tickets and attended the classy event clad in satin and silk, overjoyed with the tremendous win hours before. Food was served, and students were able to enjoy a beautiful set-up with an entertaining DJ and photo booth. Homecoming lasted throughout the night and was an overall success, with many satisfied with the outcome of the day. 

Simply put, Blair Day was special with the return of the Potter-Kelley Cup to its “rightful place,” and the school was happy to make the day even better for the Class of ’23, whose last Blair Day was delightful. November 5 will truly remain in the hearts of students and could not have been done without the help of the Peddie faculty, Student Council, and many others. Through the relentless efforts of the Peddie community, Blair Day was exciting and one of the most memorable yet.