Peddie Fund Week and Loyalty Day: Uniting Students and Alumni to Celebrate the Impact of Giving

Blue and gold everywhere, postcard writing competitions and extra school spirit: the quintessential markers that Peddie Fund Week is here. Monday, April 24 – Thursday, April 27, 2023, is dedicated to celebrating the wide-reaching impact of the Peddie Fund and educating the student body on the importance of the Peddie Fund on all aspects of campus life. The Peddie Fund supports the operating budget with immediate and unrestricted funds crucial to ensuring every part of the transformative Peddie experience. Without it, the trips, supplies and special events that we all know and love would cease to exist. 

For the first time, Peddie is combining Peddie Loyalty Day with Peddie Fund Week highlighting the synergy between these two events. Peddie Fund Week, which is full of on-campus education, culminates in Peddie Loyalty Day, the annual 24-hour giving day. This year for Peddie Fund Week, many exciting activities are planned for both students and alumni. Students can participate in postcard writing competitions to thank donors for their contributions to the Peddie community. Also, a student takeover of the Peddie Alumni Instagram will seek to show alumni the direct impact they have on the student body and the Peddie community. The goal of this year’s Peddie Fund Week is to represent the people of Peddie. Peddie aims to get the support of 748+ donors to represent every student, faculty and staff member. This embodies the message that the Peddie Fund represents and impacts each and every one of us here on campus.   

Director of the Peddie Fund and Leadership Giving Ms. Mahoney emphasizes that as much as Peddie Loyalty Day is a way to give back to the school, it also gives alumni the opportunity to connect and reconnect with their alma mater. Peddie Loyalty Day has a global reach, as seen last year when gifts came in from 31 states and 10 countries. No matter where one is located around the globe, they can continue to stay connected to Peddie by showing their support for the school.

This year Peddie Loyalty Day is especially unique because it will bring the One Peddie Campaign, which is coming to a close, closer to its $100M goal. 

Peddie gives each and every student an outlet to explore their passions and interests through the myriad of opportunities. The memories that students make at Peddie are truly formative and stay with them for years beyond graduation. The Peddie Fund is a great way to show gratitude for all that Peddie has given its students and continue the legacy for the next generations of students.