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A Glimpse of Model United Nations

Jessica Cheng '20

January 18, 2018

Forty-two Peddie students traveled to Hershey, PA to attend a competitive YMCA Model United Nations conference from Jan. 5-7. The conference consisted of over 1,500 students from multiple schools throughout the east coast. Prio...

A Visit from Space

A Visit from Space

January 18, 2018

Royal Engagement

December 14, 2017

The British Royal Family has been a consistent focus of the media, the world and even the Peddie community. On November 27th, 2017, the royal engagement of HRH Prince Harry of Wales to Meghan Markle, an American actor and humanitar...

Las Vegas Tragedy Hits Close to Home

Nina Narayan ‘18

October 12, 2017

Las Vegas was the scene of one of the deadliest mass shootings in United States history. On Oct. 1, from a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old native of Nevada, fired bullets down at...

The Impending Threat of War With North Korea

Nina Narayan '18

October 5, 2017

North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test last month, violating international law. In addition, North Korea has launched numerous missiles, creating great anxiety in South Korea and Japan. There is great fear that North Korea...

Head’s Day Heading in a New Direction

Sue Lee '18

September 27, 2017

The beginning of a new school year brings changes to one of Peddie’s oldest traditions, Battle of the Heads. This annual all-school field day consisting of a competition among four teams, DeGray, Seltzer, Green, and Potter,...

Devastation and Destruction: The Shattering Effects of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria

Nina Narayan '18

September 27, 2017

Harvey, a category four hurricane, devastated several parts of Texas and other coastal areas earlier this month, affecting over 450,000 people and destroying at least 150,000 homes. The storm dropped approximately twenty-seven...

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