Head of Security Paul Miller: A Day in the Life


Jenna Kim '23

Paul Miller poses for student photographer Jenna Kim ’23.

Grace Edelstein '23, Staff Writer

Peddie students interact with the school security team on a daily basis, and most definitely benefit from their services every day. Veiled from public acknowledgment, Paul Miller is one of the faces behind the Peddie Security team. 

Mr. Miller has been working at Peddie for nearly 29 years and currently serves as the director of security. He works alongside nine other security employees, at least one of whom is always on campus, every day of the year, even in the summer. 

Together, this team keeps Peddie up and running safely and effectively. First up in the day, Mr. Miller says, is directing traffic in the morning. Alongside another security team member, Mr. Miller ensures that boarding and day students arrive to first block on time. Next, someone from the security team runs to the post office to pick up packages and mail for Peddie faculty, staff, and students. The team then distributes this mail. Additionally, Mr. Miller helps file school paperwork, ensuring that things necessary for campus operations are present and paid for. On occasion, Mr. Miller conducts investigations through the surveillance system of numerous cameras located around campus.  These investigations encompass reports of theft, lost property, and suspicious persons. The rest of the day is spent planning/conducting safety drills and monitoring various campus locations. Mr. Miller notes that the latter is especially important in the evenings when organizations outside of Peddie rent out athletic facilities. Moreover, Peddie Security works closely with the Health Center in the event of a health emergency. They also help coordinate parking and oversee the safety measures of large school events like graduation and Blair Day. 

When asked about what students should know about Peddie Security, Mr. Miller commented that students can best help his office by locking dorm room doors and not forgetting their keys. Despite this forgetfulness amongst students, Mr. Miller did emphasize that he loves his job because of the Peddie community. 

Next time you walk past the security office, make an effort to stop by and thank Mr. Miller or any other member of the security office! After all, Peddie Security keeps our campus safe and ensures that students accomplish their personal goals.