Registrar Paul Cramer: A Day in the Life


Karishma Gupta '23

Mr. Cramer solves puzzles in the schedule (taken by Photography Club member Karisma Gupta ’23).

Aakarsh Mamawala ’25, Staff Writer

As students make their journey to Chapel on Mondays and Fridays, most pass by the Registrar’s Office and do not think much of the office or its sole inhabitant, Mr. Paul Cramer. From writing course catalogs to scheduling spring electives, Mr. Cramer is integral in helping Peddie run smoothly. “It is a real challenge, three times a year,” said Mr. Cramer, who arranges non-conflicting classes for 530 different students while keeping everyone’s special requests in mind. However, Cramer said he loves scheduling, seeing it as a puzzle with many different pieces. With so many behind-the-scenes duties, each day in his life is different.

Mr. Cramer comes to Peddie at 8 a.m. and starts his work around the same time as students do. His work varies from time to time, depending on what is needed. He added, “If I were doing the same thing over and over again, it wouldn’t be a good experience.” At the beginning of Fall Term, he fixes schedules and placements for students while scheduling their standardized tests. Around mid-term and end of term, he collects comments and grades from teachers. With spring term coming up, many elective options are available, making it tricky. He also delivers transcripts to alumni of all ages and works with registrars of other Mid-Atlantic Prep League schools throughout the year. Just this year, relatives of a student from a graduating class in the 1920s requested a student’s transcript! 

After three hours or so of work, Mr. Cramer likes to take a break with one of his many hobbies. He enjoys playing the bass or checking his fantasy teams before getting back to work. Some days, he listens to Chapel performances on Zoom. Before the pandemic, Mr. Cramer used to coach soccer after school, and now he goes home around 4 p.m. to spend time with his family. This includes watching Alfred Hitchcock movies or Philadelphia Phillies games. He is also a big fan of Liverpool Football Club, evidenced by the banner in his office. 

Mr. Cramer came to Peddie in 2019 from an educational background as dean of admissions and enrollment for Albright College. Each time he visited in years prior, he loved the motivation of the students and the community as a whole. He enjoys the challenge of the job and the schedules or “puzzles” he makes. So if you are passing by his office one day, say “Hi” to Mr. Cramer!