English Teacher Ami Shah: A Day in the Life


Jenna Kim '23

Dr. Shah shares a laugh with students during English class.

Austin Hayden '25, Staff Writer

Dr. Shah is one of Peddie’s newest faculty members, joining the Peddie community just this past term. As an English teacher, she is responsible for teaching two freshmen Humanities courses and an English elective, “Madwomen in the Attic.” Dr. Shah spends much of her time between the English department in Annenberg Hall and the Caspersen History House.

To start off her day, Dr. Shah wakes up at around 6:00 a.m. and feeds her cats, Jalebi and Squeaky. She lives off-campus so that she can be closer to her parents, who live nearby. Her first stop on campus is the English Department in Annenberg Hall. “Sometimes I go to the library to get a cup of coffee,.” she said. 

Often, the first class she teaches is Humanities. Following the class, Dr. Shah interacts with fellow teachers in the English department, such as Mr. Onion. According to Dr. Shah, “[Mr. Onion] tells me stories, and we just laugh.” During most lunch periods, Dr. Shah spends her time preparing for either a humanities lesson or for her senior elective and eats in either library or has English Department snacks. After lunch, the majority of Dr. Shah’s classes are freshman humanities, with the exception of the upperclassmen English elective. Once the school day ends, Dr. Shah gets home pretty quickly as she is neither a dorm parent nor an athletics coach. Once she gets home, she feeds her cats again and visits her parents on most days. 

When asking Dr. Shah if she’s enjoying her time at Peddie so far, she talks about her appreciation for the teaching opportunity with students who are eager to learn and discuss topics with her in class. She says she’s happy that her classrooms are a relaxed space for students to talk, learn, and have a good time!