Fall Visual Arts Trip 2022

Sylvania Peng '26, Staff Writer

On Thursday, October 27, Peddie students from various art classes had the opportunity to visit The MET and MOMA. Buses took students into New York City on a sunny day to explore a wide variety of exhibitions and cultural art wings. From AP art to Visual Arts Foundations, the MET offers something for all passions and niche interests. 

“Water Memories” is a particularly unique exhibition dedicated to the appreciation and dependency on the water of Indigenous peoples in the United States. Demonstrated through historical and modern art pieces, there are various unique techniques used in both abstract and representational art. This exhibit takes visitors on a spiritual journey while offering insight into the individual interpretations of contemporary Indigenous community members throughout the exhibition. 

There are also many other popular exhibitions such as Cubism, Kimono Style: the John C. Weber Collection, The African Origin of Civilization, Victorian Masterpieces, and Jegi: Korean Ritual Objects. The MET is endless, and one day’s worth of exploration is not nearly enough to cover the diverse variety of wings and exhibitions. 

Once noon struck, students took a lunch break at the stunning three-floor American Wing cafe surrounded by sky-high windows and sunlight.

Ophelia Ni ’26 expressed her passion for the armory section by saying, “Even though we associate medieval times with barbaric behavior, swords weren’t always meant to kill but to protect and used as gifts. It really showed me how the world back then wasn’t as black and white as we may perceive it.”

Taye Seubert ’26 stated, “I enjoyed being able to see so many different types of art from different time periods and contrast it to the more modern art style of today. The section that left the most impact on me was the ancient Greek artifacts, especially the sculptures.”  

Finally, Peddie students spent the last moments of the 2022 NYC Art Trip in the gift shop browsing postcards, tote bags, and graphic hoodies. Nonetheless, it was an educational and fun day for students. For many, even a first-time experience inside The Met. Ending on a high note, Peddie students made their way back on the bus for the journey back to campus!