Peddie Arts Faculty Exhibition


Jim Inverso

Peddie Alumni, family and friends gather to celebrate the works of Peddie Faculty.

Austin Hayden '25, Staff Writer

The Peddie Arts Faculty Show was a great success in showcasing some of the wonderfully talented artists of the Peddie Arts Department. Artists in the show included Mark Cirnigliaro, Craig Wallace Dale, Claudio Middleton, Madelaine Shellaby, Taina Spicer ’11, and Cathy Watkins. The Q&A on Friday, October 21, had a great turnout, with many students coming to support their teachers and see their artwork. 

Works of art presented varied greatly. Claudio Middelton created a bedroom set including chairs, tables and a bed, all made from scratch, that is on display in the Mariboe Gallery. Craig Dale displayed his masterful photography skills along a wall in the Donna Sands ’82 Exhibition Hall.

According to Jiabao Hu ’25, “It was very cool seeing a new side of my teachers. All the artwork was really impressive, and I got to see things from a different perspective.” The students’ enthusiasm encourages our talented faculty to continue their artistic passions and create wonderful works of art to be displayed for all of us to enjoy. During Peddie’s Open House Fall Preview, prospective students were led on tours throughout the whole campus, including Swig. Parents and children alike could be heard praising the works of our teachers and expressing their enthusiasm in seeing such a talented community. 

By demonstrating our appreciation for their time and effort, faculty members in the show continue to hone their skills and will hopefully share more of their work with us throughout the year. All the beautiful, creative works of art remain on display for all to enjoy while walking through Swig.